Investment Management

Your unique needs and goals require a customized approach that considers your place in life today and where you're headed in the future.  But customization isn't enough.  The most successful investment strategies are also built on a consistent, disciplined process put in place by a team of experienced professionals.
That's why we use Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP) to build a comprehensive investment strategy focused on your unique preferences and objectives.  It offers a range of solutions and the ability to mix and match models for a portfolio that fits with your risk tolerance, timeline, and goals.
MWP is an investment platform that offers portfolios from a variety of professional money managers, each of whom provides a unique philosophy, process, and market outlook.  These money managers follow well-defined, repeatable processes for building and managing portfolios, while considering the long-term risk-return expectations for the investments they include and employing sophisticated screening methods to narrow the universe of investment options.
Many of these managers are institutional strategists who build portfolios for large institutions or endowment funds.  In many cases individual investors can access these strategists through million-dollar-plus investments.  With MWP, you get access to these institutional strategists through a starting minimum investment of just $10,000.
I'll work with these managers in MWP to create a customized investment strategy designed to address your specific needs.
Building your portfolio
Step 1 – Clarify your goals
The first step in building your MWP strategy is determining what you want to accomplish.  I'll sit down with you to figure out what you hope to achieve from your investments.  Together, we'll come up with an end objective that will guide our strategist selection.
Step 2 – Determine your risk tolerance
Once we know what you hope to accomplish, the next step is figure out how you feel about investing.  I'll spend time working with you to determine if you prefer a more conservative or aggressive approach, or somewhere in between.
Step 3 – Select an investment style
Next, I'll work with you determine which investment style is best for your specific goals and current market conditions.  The two primary investment style options are strategic and tactical.
o Strategic investing allowed you to stay fully invested in a steady asset allocation model using a traditional buy-and-hold investment philosophy.  Your asset allocation would be based on the managers long-term market outlook and it wouldn't change much due to market fluctuations.
o Tactical investing attempts to take a vantage of short-term market fluctuations to find opportunities for larger gains.  In this case, your asset allocation would be based on a shorter time frame and change more often as a result of the market's movements.  Because more trading occurs in tactical investing, we have to consider the tax impact of this type of strategy.  There's a wide variety of tactical investment management styles, which we'll discuss when it's time to look at the models best suited for you.
I can also choose to buy strategic and tactical models if it makes sense for you and your objectives.
Step 4 - Define your investment objective
The last major piece of the portfolio puzzle is your overall investment objective based on your goals, risk tolerance, and preferred investment style.  I'll determine the best investment objective for your situation:
o Capital appreciation – prioritizes long-term gains over short-term gains
o Income generation – prioritizes current income over long-term gains
o Risk aware – prioritizes the preservation of assets you've already accumulated
Your investment objective is the main goal I'll work toward when building your portfolio and look at it with you when it's time for a review of your account.  Rather than comparing your accounts performance with the financial markets, we'll examine whether your portfolio is tracking with it stated goal.
Step 5 - Select strategists and model
Your investment objective and preferred investment style will help narrow down the strategists and models that will work for you. I will research the strategists and models that fit with your goals and select those I think are best for your situation and that track well with their stated account objectives.  In some cases, I may combine multiple strategists or models to create the optimal portfolio for you.
Model Wealth Portfolios can help you pursue your goals through an asset management strategy that provides a disciplined investment process, powered by Flynn Advisory Group.